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SINGER22 - Fashion Men's & Women's Online Clothing for Where Contemporary Fashion and Celebrity Fashion Styles Are FoundHave trouble keeping up with the fashion elite? Want to know what celebrities are wearing or toting on their shoulders or arms. Then visit for the latest fashion news and buy what celebrity posses and entourages are buying.

Shop at Brooklyn Industries 1310700-018.10680.a.largeThumb1310300-009.10441.a.largeThumbThroughout the years, bags, t-shirts and the lifestyle clothing that Brooklyn industries offers, has been made in factories with environmentally friendly practices. Select clothing is made with organic materials and t-shirt design collaborations with organizations such as Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Recycle-a-Bicycle and Friends of the High Line support organizations with a mission to conserve.

5109_1_5138_1_DL1961 prides itself on crafting garments for the quintessential New Yorker. From our denim to our leather, all our pieces not only provide the perfect fit and exquisite craftmanship, but exude an effortlessness New Yorkers are famous for. This combination of denim, leather, and New York is always classic, never contrived, and undeniably sexy. IMG_1694_edit5055aJack Franklin’s goal is to provide the highest quality ties at the lowest possible cost.  We do this by limiting our channels to the online environment, where we don’t pay for real estate, land, or rent.  We also only carry the best designs, so we don’t have to raise margins to make-up for poor selling ties.


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