BucketFeet Patchwork Canvas Lace-up bucketfeet-7365 jayson_atienza_2_wEach shoe is the result of a carefully crafted vision and handmade design. We value creative art and passionate individuals. Every person is different and so is every shoe. This means you get a product that is as individual and original as you are. And when people ask you about your shoes, and they will, you’ll have a great story to tell. We connect with talented artists and give them a platform to showcase their art. Our collaborations range from working with street artists from Bogota to graphic designers from New York.
Rhea - BlackSpring Street - Cognac LthrShop over 9000 shoes from 150 designer brands Free 2nd Day Shipping & Free Returns. Our Mission: Celebrating heels and the women who wear them. With our unique navigation system that allows users to quickly narrow down all the shoes to the exact pair they need and our free shipping, free returns, and price protection that make shopping online risk-free, we have always been about making shopping online easy and fun.


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